Gunscape (Review)

Gunscape is a free to play fps by Blowfish studios. The game is all about making your own levels or playing a level made by other players, alone or with friends.


The game supports both PvP and PvE and has various PvP modes, for example: last man standing and capture the flag. The thing that makes PvP interesting is the variation of weapons which goes from rpg’s to knives to energy pistols. The PvE in the game shows as Co-Op maps that you can play with your friends or just random people from the internet since the hosting system makes creating your own server fairly easy and not time consuming, so you get to play with your friends as fast as possible.


Maps can be made by anyone which brings an interesting element to the game. The creation system is fairly easy to understand which makes the creation of levels a fun and easy thing to do. It also allows players to place enemies of many types. The negative side of this is that you need to buy expansions to get access to certain block and enemy types which limits the possibilities of what a creator can do without spending money, but the developers need to get their money somehow and this type isn’t that bad in the end.


Gunscape has a great variation of content but the game’s negative side is the payment system to unlock content in it’s build mode. It makes me wonder ‘’What am I missing due to this’’. Gunscape has way more positive sides in the end though since the game has been created to allow the player to create his/her own level and share it to the public that can then play the level with next to no trouble. The game in general is a wonderful idea and the developers did a great job while bringing that idea to public. It’s a game I recommend for people that like to create their own levels or just generally try new things since the game is free to play and fairly fast to download. So even if you don’t like the game you can just remove it with no harm done. I personally like the game and will be playing more of it on a regular basis.

[ 68 / 100 ]

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