March of Industry: Very Capitalist Factory Simulator Entertainments (Review)


You are here today, to read the very capitalist thoughts accumulation of one person Comrade! March of Industry is a very Post Soviet Russian dystopia which will empower you with the duty of Line Manager and Overseer of a very Russian factory floor that mass-produces weapons for very Capitalist consumers. You control said Capitalist factory from a top down view, micro-managing resources and building additional facilities to help facilitate the ever growing demand for superior weaponry, Comrade. Juggling your resources and activities in this Tycoon style simulator has never been so wacky, rambunctious and so very very obnoxiously annoying.



March of Industry: Very Capitalist Factory Simulator Entertainments; (Yes that is the full title) is a Unity Powered game and what I would call ‘fit-for-mobile’ which means it takes just a touch more than the average amount of brain power required to make beef stroganoff. Not entirely a game that plays itself, it requires some input from the player as they shuffle about purchasing resources from the shop to turn into ‘other’ resources which can be combined to make resources that… make weapons, but watch out for those traffic jams on your conveyor belts!
What makes what exactly is free for experimentation as you move between Copper, Tin, Vodka and of course ‘this is memes’ Potato Age (Think Age of Empires or Empire Earth but far simpler). For those who are not ‘in-the-know’ with this style of game, expect minimal to no hand holding throughout as newcomers are going to be dissuaded rather quickly by the underwhelming lack of information given through the wholly vast tutorial phase which breaks down as such; ‘Purchase Machine A; Purchase Resource A, Well you are good to go! Have fun!’. It does not help that the actual ‘HELP’ menu button just leads to this screen (screenshot below) which consists of nothing more than the basic controls, a youtube/ link and most bizarrely; the credits for the Developers of the game? Surely that could have been  set on a separate menu titled say.. Oh I don’t know.. CREDITS. So for first time users, be prepared to be very lost and confused. So anyway..


..You construct your Assembly lines by trading resources and weapons for cash which in turn is used to buy better equipment like conveyor belts, guard rails, resource processors and et cetera. You can also expand your work space by purchasing additional rooms. What this all breaks down into; is one massive rubix cube sort of puzzle that you solve over a prolonged period of time, but once you have solved said puzzle there is not really a whole lot else to do except to do it all again in New Game+, rinse and repeat. Now one could expect micro-transactions in a game such as this but the Developer seems to have had good sense by not only dressing an arbitrary puzzle solver in a post decedent soviet Russian theme but has skipped over the inclusion of an easily integrated micro-transaction system in a game that just screams out for one, altogether. So kudos for the sky being blue and not coloured in money I suppose, as they felt it was a necessary selling point on the Steam store front page, but $9.99 for the admission price of such a fundamentally basic game, this is still rather steep for all that it is and all that it is not. Look, it is not a horrible game by any means, there are far worse and the game does have a sense of humour that helps alleviate the otherwise mundane atmosphere of staring at 8 bit pixels for any great length of time, but this will inevitably fade and your eyes will glaze over as you hear the same regurgitated lines of dialogue over and over while playing for extended periods. NOW PERK UP, You are reading a review not playing this game but now you can sense the nature of the beast. It is recommendable on the basis that it is an interactive puzzle that has a unique if not isolated identity, but not much more than that. Is it satire? is it social commentary like Papers Please, Perhaps? but that is for another debate.


This is going to be a game for a very niche demographic of people who have little to do or a few minutes in between waiting to do something better. Now I must say… Congratulations for making it through my review Comrade, literary ingestion expanded Comrade! (Did I mention the incredibly obnoxious voice over throughout the game that grinds on your ears within the first minute that will never, EVER cease. Well now I have.) Now I am off to play something slightly more potato. Ha, I can finally meme. I feel dirty.


Kerr Spendlove

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