Age of War 2 (Review)

Age of War 2

Age of War 2 is a flash game produced by MaxGames that takes the player on a journey from the time of cavemen all the way to the far future with cyborgs and robotic killing machines. The objective in Age of War 2 is to destroy the enemy’s castle while protecting your own and to advance through the ages the quickest.

To advance through to the next age, the player must accumulate enough experience points which are acquired when any units falls in battle. Experience points can also be used to invoke a special power such as summoning lightning, meteors or a rain of arrows. These powers wipe the entire battlefield of all enemy units and vice versa.

You produce and control 4 types of units: support units that attack from a range, infantry that are mostly melee, armored units that deal a lot of damage and anti-armor units that specialize in bringing down the enemy’s armored units. Using these units in different combinations is key to victory in this game. With a diverse group of units, your army should make it to the enemy castle.
Your units can also be upgraded as well to make them tougher and stronger so they get an edge over the enemy when they assault the enemy base.

Your base can also be upgraded with a turret tower to protect against the enemy if you don’t have any soldiers on the field. The turret tower can have catapults, cannons, mystical griffin heads that spew fireballs, spartan spearthrowers and even large crossbows.

Age of War 2 is a really well designed and developed game, it can entertain you for hours on end and remain fun all that time. You can play the game here.

Rating: 80/100


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