Anakronis – Regression [Review]

Anakronis – Regression

Now here’s an interesting style ov death metal for the brutality enthusiast: technical / progressive death metal layered in absolute, distorted ruthlessness. That is exactly what Anakronis, new to the death metal scene, is all about. And their debut EP, Regression, wastes no time in smashing one’s face and ears against the cold, hard pavement in their sonic assault on the senses. Here’s why I believe this album is up your alley, brutal reader!

Even their logo is more progressive than normal!

We’re first greeted to Cognitive Dissonance, the shortest ov the five tracks the album presents, and godsdamn, wish I’d shown a bit more caution with the volume control. Instead ov leading us in gently [hahaha just kidding, there is no gentleness in technical death metal!] they blindside us with ferocious, technical riffing and percussion, guttural growls with that certain quality ov cookie monsteriness that makes one almost immediately fall in love with death metal, and for a refreshing change ov pace, lotsa intense bass riffing. If I wasn’t so convinced this was tech-death, I’d’ve assumed it was grindcore! And the entire EP is set up in this fashion, albeit each song brandishing a different shade ov technical brutality.

It’s nigh impossible to play the “favorites’ game” here, simply due to the fact that the only thing these songs have in common is their progressive technicality and sheer blunt-force brutality. If their concerts are anything like this album, holy fucking shit, I know I’d leave the concert feeling like I was maced and beaten with spiked baseball bats! Though, amongst quality concerning the various tracks this album comprises, I’d have to say my favorite would be track four, Enslave the Willing, or track five, The Apex. They reach for the stars and nail it in terms ov sheer musicianship and instrumentation, especially their intros and breakdowns. Like in The Apex, they actually devote one breakdown to nothing but a drum solo, and they fucking rock it!

Imagine all those cymbals coming to life and attacking your face and ears all at once. That’s what I bet their first concert was like!

All in all, this band is got a bountiful future ahead ov it, perhaps even groundbreaking for the death metal scene. The only equivalent bands that I can come up with to equate it to is this band I did a review for over the summer called Orbweaver. Sheer progressive and technical brutality is the new face ov death metal for this decade, and I can’t wait to see what this band will show us in future releases. Highly recommended!

– S.

Noteworthy tracks: all ov ‘em!

Score: 92%

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