ANOBAITH – Tomorrow is Another Dream (Review)

There’s not much I could find on ANOBAITH, other than the word is Welsh for “despair”. Myshh Anobaith is the only member, and I couldn’t find any information on him, either, which I reckon is intentional.  It’s very hip these days to be anonymous and/or mysterious when it comes to black metal, especially “DSBM”. ANOBAITH’s very short demo, Tomorrow is Another Dream, features two tracks, “Tomorrow is Another Dream…” followed by “… The Dream is a Lie”. I found the music itself to be just about as clever as the titles – that is, not very.

Anyone who has read my reviews knows I’m not a fan of depressive black metal. I think it’s boring, trendy garbage that attracts angsty teens and encourages mediocrity. I do admit I enjoy XASTHUR, and ANOBAITH is obviously heavily influenced by him, as well as other DBM acts like THY LIGHT, STRIBORG, and NOCTURNAL DEPRESSION. So, as expected, many of the elements of DSBM are here – poorly played instruments, ambling, directionless songwriting, lo-fi production, and heavily processed vocals. Happily, there are no real post-rock influences, no whiny cleans, and no crying, so that’s always a plus, but this stuff is still banal and uninteresting. Both tracks run into one another, so I can’t tell which is which. But, they both sound the same, so it doesn’t even matter.

As far as DSBM goes, ANOBAITH isn’t terrible. I’ve heard much, much worse. Unfortunately, that doesn’t mean anything. Tomorrow is Another Dream is an exercise in tedium, nothing more. Move along.

– Zac C. Dendinger

Score: 35%

Standout tracks: n/a

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