Antenna (Review)

Antenna is a short puzzle game developed by new-to-the-industry LWNA. The game revolves around sound and radio frequencies where you need to solve 5 puzzles that all involve a lot of noise and poor controls. The game gives no explanation for what is happening, what you need to do or if it cares at all. It’s all about finding what you need to press next and that can be an entirely different headache than what you get from listening to this game.

If there is a story to this game, it is drowned out by the flood of Limbo-like visuals, terrible controls and a cacophony of audio clips that make it almost impossible to hear the important audio of the game. There is actually a metapuzzle to the game that transcends the 5 you have to shamble through and it goes like this: “Why am I playing this game?”

[ 20 / 100 ]

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