Baron Galaxy (Preview)

Baron Galaxy is a platform-shooter in the style of Metal Slug created by Implosive games. The game is currently in alpha as such this is a preview and not a scored review.

The game is exactly what you’d expect from a Metal Slug styled game, with a small twist in that you can combine weapons to create unique effects. The controls are tight and responsive game-play is fun and challenging. The art style is a tad more on the “cutsie” side of things. This may appeal to a younger audience more than myself, yet even as much of a salty old gamer as I am I did not find the style to be cute to the point of irritation.

Sadly this game in its current iteration has several game breaking bugs. Audio tends to catch at certain points causing that super annoying repeating blip that every classic gamer hates. As with any platform-shooter there are certain points where you can not progress until you have killed all the enemies in the area, more than once I had enemies walk off out of the area and disappear preventing me from being able to progress. The game also gave me a couple of random crashes when picking up new guns.

Currently the best I can say about Baron Galaxy, is that it has a lot of potential as well as a lot of bugs.

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