BLIND TO FAITH – Under the Heptagram (Review)

BLIND TO FAITH – Under the Heptagram

BLIND TO FAITH, featuring members from both Belgium and the Netherlands, is a sludge/grind group that is looking extremely promising indeed. And fuck knows, the sludge scene needs as many quality bands as it can get right now. BTF’s latest release, the Under the Heptagram EP, will be released on Halloween of this year, and I was lucky enough to have the chance to check it out now. The cover reminded me of something EYEHATEGOD would release, and it made me wonder if this is yet another clone band lacking in any originality. Luckily, I was wrong.

Under the Heptagram begins with “Intro” – a meandering, sludgy, and low-as-fuck instrumental track that soon picks up the pace for a good minute or so, before a sudden stop and transition into “Under the Heptagram”. Immediately, vicious, snarling shouts and grating guitars assault the listener. Yes, the EYEHATEGOD influence is definitely here, but not nearly as strong as I thought. The title track is not long, clocking in at under two minutes, but it’s angry, brutal, and absolutely fantastic. Track three, “Burial of Mankind”, is a killer D-beat-driven slab of pure intensity. Drums really shine on this track, and the riffs are wonderfully crushing. Vocals are even more dynamic here, ranging from pissed-off, murderous shouts to a low, growling half-whisper. These guys play rough and wild, but with an exceptional amount of skill – BTF are highly talented musicians and songwriters, and it shows.

Short but savage, Under the Heptagram, is an angry, barbaric teaser that makes me crave more. Absolutely sick. Highly recommended.

– Zac C. Dendinger

Score: 90%

Standout tracks: all

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