Burning Shadows – Gather, Darkness! (Review)

Burning Shadows – Gather, Darkness!

I believe I’m about to make a band hate me. I actually liked this album, as it first started. Then the “singer” opened his mouth. So, there are going to be two parts to this review;

Section I : The Good Stuff

The music itself is excellent. Borderline amazing. Technical proficiency abounds in this release. Flawless guitars, great solos, perfect drumming, and an overall sense of absolute professionalism. The production values are also perfect. All the actual music flows perfectly well together, and everything is on time and beautifully written. This is fine, fine stuff. The drummer in particular stands out, as he has the technicality to make this all fit together without a fault.

Section II : The Goddamn Kill Factor

This singer is trash. Shoot him in the mouth before he drags the fucking band any further down. His “singing” is terrible, and doesn’t fit this epic music a bit. Vocal coaching isn’t that expensive. Maybe use some of that money on lessons before you blow any of it on the recording time at the studio. And seriously guys, “maniacal laughter” segments in the music? Really? Add the cheesy lyrics to that and you have something a 15 year old wouldn’t even take seriously.


11 tracks and a bit under 46 minutes. Epic (musically). Reminds me of Running Wild without the pirate themes, and maybe Profugus Mortis. Great listen, if you like technical music and you can somehow block out the damn vocals. Overall, this would have worked out better with some damn violent vocals.


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