Chaos Plague – Chaos Plague (Review)

After a demo in 2010, this is progressive death metal band Chaos Plague’s debut EP. With a length of only just 17 minutes, will it be enough to impress?

Right from the start it’s clear that this band does things a bit differently from the masses. The bass is a lot more present in the mix than it is with most bands and I must admit I quite like this. Other than that it starts of like many progressive death metal bands; heavy grunts, a variation of riffs and fast percussion. There’s a twist about halfway however. Suddenly there are calm guitars combined with a smooth bassline and clean vocals. The clean vocals sound rather weak. I much prefer the grunting. The second track is built up relatively the same way. It starts of as a more general technical death metal band, has a short middle section with some spoken vocals and return to tech death. It’s well performed however, so that’s not a complaint.

The EP ends with the third track, Sinner’s Regret. This track features clean vocals again as well. It doesn’t go as far as to ruin it, fortuntely, but I’m not exactly liking them either. The grunting after it just sounds so much better. Deep and brutal, which suits the chaotic music it is being uttered upon. This band has some excellent potential, but this EP doesn’t really do it for me. However, I am curious to see what they come up with for their full length.

– D.

Score: 76/100

Noteworthy Tracks: In Death I Trust;

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