Circle Of Ouroborus – The Final Egg (Review)

Circle Of Ouroborus - The Final Egg

Circle of Ouroborus is an experimental band from Finland, formed in 2004. Since then they have been far from sitting still. For example, they had nine releases in 2010, three in 2011 and another nine in 2012. The Final Egg is actually their 12th full length since they were formed. They refer to themselves as black metal, but except for occasional black metal style vocals, there’s not much black metal to be found here. The music is calm and simplistic, a sort of post-rock. The most common vocals are clean vocals, but they sound rather bad. It’s like the vocalist was bored and couldn’t really be bothered. Combine that with the rather dull and repetitive music and you end up with an album that will be easily forgotten.

[ 23 / 100 ]


– D.



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