Colosus – Blestem (Review)

Colosus - Blestem

Colosus is an atmospheric black metal / ambient band from the United Kingdom and was formed in 2012. Blestem is the first Colosus work that’s been unleashed upon this world. With a playtime of well over an hour long, it tries to keep your attention with a mixture of ambient and black metal pieces. The black metal parts are a little simplistic at times but other than that they are excellent and will cater to pretty much all black metal fans. The problem lies with the ambient parts. They sound rather uninteresting and almost appear to be used to simply lengthen the playtime of the album. If Colosus would release an album more focused on black metal, this would likely be a more interesting band to keep an eye on.

[ 61 / 100 ]


– D.



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