Dead Purge: Outbreak (Review)

Dead Purge: Outbreak is a simplistic FPS zombie shooter Developed by Microlith Games.

There’s very little content to Dead Purge: Outbreak. The game features 2 game modes and 3 maps, 6 if you count day/night/sunset variations on the same map.

There is very little gun variety as well. Two types of pistols with added versions of the same 2 pistols with modifications such as flashlights or laser sights. Also 3 sub machine guns and 3 assault rifles round out the list of weapons.

Melee weapons have very poor hit detection and seem to miss more than hit, leaving the player in an awkward situation surrounded by zombies while flailing a sword or knife around and hitting nothing.

There are only 2 types of zombies walkers and crawlers. There are also only a handful of skins for the zeds.

Zombie spawning seems to be hard set to specific points on each map, meaning that after a few playthroughs the player will quickly learn where they can camp to exploit the overly simplistic spawning mechanics.

The game does have one redeeming feature, an interesting leveling system which allows players to gain power through multiple playthroughs. There are a good variety of perks the player can choose from more damage to extra ammo to armor and HP buffs.

There really just isn’t much to this game to cover sadly. The game is basic and bare bones, it feels like it should be an early access title while it is in full release.

“Where’s the beef?”

[ 25/100 ]

(Reviewers notes: Dead Purge: Outbreak is currently being heavy criticized for its use of purchased assets from the unity store. From what I understand almost every aspect of the game is a direct purchase from the store. While I personally feel this is not something that should be scored in and of itself, I do feel that any potential consumer should be aware of this fact.)

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