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Eden Star

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“It’l be dark soon, and they mostly come at night, mostly.” The words of the ‘Aliens’ movie’s Newt seem apt for this new sci-fi survival base bulding game from Flix Interactive. The game is built on Unreal Engine 4 and looks absolutely gorgeous, I have had a great time already in what the devs are calling ‘pre-alpha’, if this is pre-alpha I cant wait for alpha. The action is intense, the building can be awkward at moments (Something the devs will address in time i’m sure) particularly placing ramps. but the blend of sci-fi, survival and using a futuristic glove and an artificial power of force grip and push I lasso my enemies and smash them from tree-to-tree, smash them into cliffs, and off of them. I have built such pretty structures under the beautiful glow of my Eden Star, I love this concept and so far I’m hooked.

Eden Star

The game begins with your pod crashing into an alien landscape, you stumble out and small alien…. Arachnid-like creatures scuttle away underground. The UI is crisp and easy on the eyes. You scan the beautiful surroundings and see masses of flaming debris hurtling towards the planet ‘Other pods?’ you wonder. You are told via HUD that you must locate the nearest crash site of an ‘Eden Star’ A device which, once set up will create a bubble ‘dome’ around it, blocking harmful radiation and powering anything inside to its limit (Which is improvable). The device on your write can be used for 3 purposes, you can use it to break down matter into particles and store them on you for crafting and to restore energy used for its second purpose… It is also a pretty effective weapon, able to both project a short range burst of energy to damage and send enemies backwards, or as mentioned above; As a lasso you can hurtle your enemies around with, which is both hilarious and effective.

Eden Star

Its third use is to place particles back into matter by placing foundations, walls, blocks and ramps. You must keep your Eden Star safe at all times or end up with nothing and have to make another, if you survive. The enemy, once killed explode into a rain of thick hair-like spines which explode, destroying your walls in a satisfying way with sections and panels falling off, then structural supports etc meaning that just 1 small enemy, in an under-protected part of your base could completely bring the base down, therefore great attention needs to made to placing blocks and which materials to use, a plant/ wood fiber wall will literally be paper compared to an iron wall, for example.

Eden Star

I opted for a solution where I could build a 2 wall high or iron around my Star and build a roof between them, with a hole for me to drop down, and a roof above that, with a hold in another place, making 2 towers for automatic turrets then building walls out around the exterior, with a good 1.5m gap between each set of walls at least, I’d put ramps sideways on the outside walls to deflect blasts away, I was using my head and it was very effective. You also have a decent futuristic pistol with limited ammo but you can craft more, as well as more turrets, a rifle, and a flechette launcher among other things, and even with base building currently consisting of 4 pieces (In quite a few variety of materials to be fair.) it is absolutely glorious, and even with my fantastic design it all came crashing down and I was obliterated by small alien creatures. You can however update your bubble, its size, power output and shield by breaking any matter down and storing it in the Eden Star, the denser the material the better.

Eden Star

The days are spent foraging as there is little to no radiation during the day, you could opt to locate and destroy alien nests, though be prepared for a fight and ensure you have ammo with you, you can mine a multitude of materials, fell trees and build your base up further ready for night time. The night itself is incredibly dark and atmospheric, with the glow of the dome almost blinding you, though you are equipped with a torch so you are not useless. There is radiation across the world at night so you must stay within the glow of the dome itself, or risk a quick death. The enemy come throughout the night and after a few nights you’ll be rebuilding much more than adding on to your base if you aren’t vigilant.

Eden Star

I give this game, for an alpha- 95/100, the Unreal engine makes for an incredibly smooth, fluid gameplay experience, with deep immersion and amazing particle effects and the whole thing is absolutely stunning, the gameplay is fluid and exciting, the enemy are original and the base-building is ergonomic, non-restrictive and enjoyable but not without its issues. The devs aim to have a large collection of buildable pieces, customisable/ craftable armour and weapons, more enemy types, a much bigger world and more. In its current state to any sci-fi fans, base-building fans or survival fans, its certainly worth it. I cant wait to see how this game progresses, its the equivalent to being a sci-fi Savage Lands in that its completely fun already and I’m certainly going to be major fans of both.

[ 95 / 100 ]

– Hardcore2dacore

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