Eight Feet Under (Shot Review)

Eight Feet Under

Reviewed by Dennis

1/3 Vodka (in my case Absolut, 40%)
1/3 Tequila (in my case Agavita Blanco, 38%)
1/3 Bourbon (in my case Four Roses Bourbon, 40%)

How to make it:
Pour the 3 ingredients into a shot glass in that order.

The look:
Great golden color from the bourbon.

The smell:
It smells strong, and a little smokey from the bourbon.

The taste:
You mainly taste the bourbon and the tequila, which in this case is a pretty good mix. The Absolut has almost no taste, but gives it some extra fire.

The aftertaste:
The burning feeling vanishes rather quick, the taste of tequila soon after, the bourbon stays for a while. So make sure you mix it with good bourbon.

15 minutes later:
The taste is gone, I’m feeling the same way I did before the shot.

The verdict:
A fairly strong shot, though I’ve had ‘worse’. The taste is good, but the effect overrated. Though I gues if this is your first experience with spirits (alcoholpercentages 40% and up) then this will take you down, haha.

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