ENBILULUGUGAL: Crucial Blast To Deploy Noizemongers For Goatserpent

On October 29th, Crucial Blast will unload arguably the most demolishing, cyclone of hyperblast blacknoise musical scum with the seventy-nine song, 2xCD Noizemongers For Goatserpent, by experimentalist ENBILULUGUGAL.

ENBILULUGUGAL‘s debut album Noizemongers For Goatserpent was a putrid eruption of low-fi black metal, harsh noise and experimental, anti-musical weirdness that arrived with a splat on the black/noise underground in 2004, infused with a Black Legions-style mix of weird invented mythology and garbled language. The album first appeared as a super-limited CDR released by the now-defunct Rusty Axe label, a home for some of the most demented experimental black metal of the past decade, and has been out of print in the physical realm for nearly a decade. It’s been one of Crucial Blast’s favorite releases from the band, a vicious, hideous mass of churning blackened hatred and brain-warping chaos that has now been resurrected as a deluxe double disc set that features more than an hour and a half of bonus filth, all re-mastered for maximum ear-hate by Enemata Productions, and presented in a new digipack design with artwork from acclaimed underground illustrator Jeff Zornow.

The first disc features the original Noizemongers for GoatSerpent album, a twenty-nine “song” assault of hyper- distorted blasphemy blasted out in minute-long eruptions of noise and violence. Barbaric black metal riffs and monotonous, primitive blastbeats are bathed in corrosive static, while bursts of stomping, catchy punk rock, insane cut-up experiments and harsh electronic noise all surface within ENBILULUGUGAL‘s bubbling bouillabaisse of blackened filth; a brain-damaged meeting between the primitive savagery of Von, early Beherit and Ildjarn, and the extreme psychedelic electronics of Japanese noise groups like Masonna and Incapacitants that reaches some sublime moments of ear-shredding evil and infectious necro-chaos. The other half of the first disc has Izedis’s TnepreStaoG Rof SregnomezioN “remixes”, which uses the original “Goatserpent” album as the raw material for an onslaught of extreme electronic noise. The source material is rendered nearly unrecognizable, twisted and transformed by Izedis into washes of ghostly electronic synthdrift and harsh distorted noisescapes, sometimes taking on the appearance of demonic shortwave transmissions coming from outside our Universe, crushing cosmic synth meltdowns, or even more distorted and deformed blasts of glitch-riddled, chopped up black noise.

The second disc in the set is loaded with rare compilation tracks, demo material and other out-of-print demo and EP recordings from ENBILULUGUGAL. These tracks offer up a howling vision of low-fi blackgrind awash in Merzbowian distortion, fucked-up necro-noisecore, foul shambling dirges, passages of ghastly dungeon ambience, and some KILLER blasts of discordant blackened punk that features a slightly more “musical” side of ENBILULUGUGAL‘s snarling chaos.

Although these recordings are shot through with moments of dark distorted majesty and crushing black metal riffage, ENBILULUGUGAL‘s “music” is about as extreme and as noisy as it gets within the realm of black metal, with a low-fi aesthetic and tendency towards total sonic overload that’ll test the most ardent necro-addicts. Fans of the damaged black/noise/metal and outsider black metal of bands like Furze, Lord Foul, Ride For Revenge, Wold, Demonologists and Wrnlrd will find much to enjoy here. All others, beware…

Noizemongers For Goatserpent Track Listing:


01 Intro

02 Noizemongers for GoatSerpent

03 Return to Hellrokken GoatSex

04 NunSucking Necrophiles

05 Mashshanebbu

06 Goatoplasm

07 Devil Diarrhea

08 Gorging HellSpam

09 Fullmoon Gutspill

10 Satanic BloodStains

11 Raped by Mammoth

12 Bachachadugga

13 Apirikubabadazuzukanpa

14 Fukkin’ Aggha

15 Nariluggaldimmerankia

16 NecroKvntPuke

17 Cut the GoatNekk

18 Vomitfvkker

19 Shred Vaginal Flesh

20 Koldgrimm HellMasturbator

21 The Dark Lake

22 Samoanguanoeaters

23 Dirgirgiri

24 In Hell I Will Burn

25 NekroShit

26 Thirteen Moons

27 Asarualimnunna

28 GoatSerpent PissFvkk

29 Outro

30 ortuO

31 kkvFssiP tnepreStaoG

32 annunmilaurasA

33 snooM neetrihT

34 tihSorkeN

35 nruB lliW I lleH nI

36 irigrigriD

37 sretaeonaugnaomaS

38 ekaL kraD ehT

39 rotabrutsaMlleH mmirgdloK

40 hselF lanigaV derhS

41 rekkvftimoV

42 kkeNtaoG eht tuC

43 ekuPtnvKorceN

44 aiknaremmidlagguliraN

45 ahggA ‘nikkuF

46 apnakuzuzadababukiripA

47 aggudahcahcaB

48 htommaM yb depaR

49 sniatSdoolB cinataS

50 llipstuG noomlluF

51 mapSlleH gnigroG

52 aehrraiD liveD

53 msalpotaoG

54 ubbenahshsaM

55 selihporceN gnikcuSnuN

56 xeStaoG nekkorlleH ot nruteR

57 tnepreStaoG rof sregnomezioN

58 ortnI



01 GoatStorm Blitzkrieg

02 Tribal GoatSakkrifice

03 Reeking of Diseased GoatBile

04 RetardedGoat

05 Lamb

06 Charred Goat Remains

07 Bloodbath in Darkness

08 The Cause of It All

09 Lost in Armageddon Winds

10 A Skyline In Flames

11 The End All and Be All

12 His Ascent from Hell

13 SerpentGoat King

14 Beneath the Dark Lake

15 Ruler of the Gnarled Woods

16 The Doom Within the Black Mist

17 His Descent into Armageddon

18 Enslaving Armageddon

19 Consumed by Flames

20 The Death of You All

21 His Descent into the Depths

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