ENBILULUGUGAL – Noizemongers for Goatserpent (Review)

ENBILULUGUGAL – Noizemongers for Goatserpent

Extremely prolific Californian black noise group ENBILULUGUGAL has been active for well over a decade now, and these guys have released over 30 demos, splits, full-lengths, and compilations since their inception in 2000. I’ve been a fan of unstructured black metal/noise ever since I first heard ABRUPTUM, and I love acts like WOLD, but I’ve only had the smallest taste of black noise masters ENBILULUGUGAL. So, naturally, I was extremely excited to review the re-release of their 2004 release, Noizemongers for Goatserpent. With seventy-nine tracks (including the 50 bonus songs of remixes and rare/demo tracks) clocking in at around two and one half hours, this Goatserpent is a fucking beast of an album. Because of the incredible number of tracks, I’ll be focusing on the album as a whole and I won’t dwell much (if at all) on individual songs.

Cacophonous, chaotic, and entirely unapologetic, ENBILULUGUGAL are one of the most extreme-sounding “black metal” bands around, and Noizemongers for Goatserpent is an absolutely monolithic offering. After 2.5 hours of punishing feedback, alien synths, barbaric vocals, Sealab 2021 samples(?) and a generous helping of static, I can’t help but feel as if my brain might be oozing out of my ears. This is an absolute fucking whirlwind of evil. There is no production to speak of, though songs do vary in the amount of static and distortion. Drums are audible, but that’s not saying much, and guitars, when they are distinguishable, play more than a few decent riffs (see “SerpentGoat King”). Synths really shine from time to time, adding a layer of otherworldly, alien transmissions to an already hellish assemblage of sounds (see “In Hell I Will Burn”/”nruB lliW I lleH nI”). Vocals are insane snarls, demonic screams, and everything in between. Together, all of these elements combine into something that is – simply put – terrifying. Two and one half hours of fucking aural Hell. Suddenly, and out of nowhere, “His Descent into the Depths” arrives. This is by far the most coherent track – a soft, quiet, but still immensely unsettling outro that caps everything off perfectly. And then, just like that, it’s over. And I can’t help but want more.

Your average listener probably won’t “get” ENBILULUGUGAL. In fact, as many great pieces of art tend to do, Goatserpent will probably piss a lot of people off. But I fucking love this shit. In fact, this is the type of sound that new black metal bands should be aiming for – loud, offensive, blasphemous, and possibly mildly retarded. If it’s not pissing people off, it’s not real black metal. Recommended for people who aren’t complete fucking knobs.

– Zac C. Dendinger

Score: 95%

Standout tracks: all

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