Grizzlor & Barren Womb – Split (Review)

Grizzlor & Barren Womb - Split (Review)

Grizzlor describe themselves as Noise Rock, which is a term that could apply to both bands on this split, along with influences of Doom and Sludge. Both bands contribute two tracks, of which Grizzlor impresses the listener the most. Barren Womb is slightly more raw and chaotic, offering a more technical side of rock, but slightly sacrificing the more catchy/groovy side of it to do so. If you’re into distorted rock or sludge, this is a split you will want to give a listen.

[ 78 / 100 ] Grizzlor
[ 69 / 100 ] Barren Womb
[ 74 / 100 ] Overall

Barren Womb

– D.



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