Guns of Icarus Online (Review)

Guns of Icarus online basically puts you on a airship with a crew(mostly strangers) and pits you against 3 other airship crews to see who is the best at what they can do, there are three classes to play as, each one having his own role, engineer as you may think, runs all over the ship like a headless chicken trying to repair everything before the ship falls apart. Armed with his trusty tools he is possibly the most important of the classes.

The captain is in charge of well flying the ship of course, being the most difficult of the classes because you have to be sure that your gunners have a clear shot of the enemy and that your ship doesn’t end up in a tiny crater on the ground. The gunners job is basically just shoot the living hell outta anything that even look like a airship, and they even have different types of ammo to use.

All in all there are six different airships all with distinctive designs and layouts, giving the game that variety it needs to stay fresh, the visuals themselves are quite amazingly done for a indie game, I often found myself shocked at how immersive it is just to see enemy airships and the combat itself that ensues. It truly is a absolute rush and even the slightest mistake could cost your entire crew their lives. So team work is completely necessary if you wish to acquire victory.

But still the game isn’t as perfect as it may sound, there are a few visual glitches such as getting stuck in static objects when spawning. spawning outside the ship only to watch it fly off without you. although most of the glitches are purely visual it does take away from the game a bit.

That being said Muse games has announced that they are working on making the game feel less of a work in progress and will soon be adding new features to the game to make it feel more extensive. I’m having a great time at playing this game and I look forward to seeing more from Muse games in the future, however the game does still feel like a work in progress. but don’t let it discourage you from picking it up!



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