Hawken (Re-release Review)

Hawken is a free to play, PvP oriented, team based shooter produced by Reloaded Games. I’ve never played Hawken before, which is in fact the reason I have been asked to review Hawken. Consider this review based on a new player’s perspective.

The concept behind Hawken is simple, jump in a giant robot and blow shit up. Combat is handled well. Each mech has a primary and secondary weapon IE a left and right weapon. Weapons produce heat, which in turn forces you into a “cooldown” phase unless you manage your heat carefully. This helps prevent mindless bullet spraying. I preferred the Assault’s special as it allowed me to quickly cool down my guns, allowing me to continually drill my opponents without having to worry about my guns overheating.

Mechs also have a dodge, a boost and a class specific special ability. There are a good number of customization options for most aspects of each mech, internal components which allow hp regeneration, mobility, reduced cooldowns for abilities.

However I saw a distinct lack of customization for weapons, primary guns, have maybe two or three options, while secondary guns have absolutely zero options and this is across all mechs.

Another big issue is matchmaking, which almost seems to be broken. Most of the time I was paired with AI bots, and the few times I was in groups with actual players team balance was totally broken. More than once I was in 2v1 or 3v1 matches.

For a game that’s been out as long as Hawken has, I would expect issues such as this to have been resolved a long time ago. Frankly that could be said for many of the issues I found with the game.

There are only a handful of maps available spread across several game modes. Again, I would have expected more maps to have been released considering how long the game has been out.

Once you have won the base game modes at least once, there is a rather drastic drop in credits earned in game. Basically once you’ve been playing long enough to unlock a two or three mechs, you start to hit a paywall. The grind becomes quite steep. This wouldn’t be so much of an issue if there was more to the game than just a few maps and game modes.

Hawken is one of those games that feels like it has a lot of potential but was sorely neglected by its dev team.

[ 65/100 ]

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