Hawken (Review)

As a kid I used to love playing the original mech warrior games. Nothing was quite as satisfying as walking around in a walking robot of doom and destroying enemies with futuristic weaponry. Hawken may be a far newer game, but the roots of ages past still linger here. Climbing into your first mech and matchmaking for the first time can be scary, as the tutorial really doesn’t prepare you for what’s to come. The combat is quite fast paced and not being able to make quick decisons during a battle will spell death for you quicker than you think. The combat pace can be compared to that of quake 3, it asks for good reflexes and a steady aim if you want to attain victory.

When i first started playing i thought it would be just another free to play game that gives those that buy packs with real money an unfair advantage. In the case of Hawken that isn’t entirely true. all players can buy mechs with
normal in game currency, as well as real cash, giving those with credit cards an almost unnoticeable advantage. At your first level you will be granted access to one mech, but as soon as you enter a battle you will have the chance to pick from several different mechs, all with their owns special attributes that give them an edge on the battlefield without seeming unbalanced. These mechs also all have special abilities and items they can use for use as protection or as an offensive tactic against enemies. Some are simple like your recruit mechs ability to use coolant to restore its weapons heat levels back to normal, allowing it to keep firing while other mechs may have stopped firing or overheated already. As for items the recruit has a nifty deployable shield that can protect you from enemy fire while you start repairing your mech. Another mech, the “rocketeer”, is as you may have guessed a mech that mainly deals damage with rockets, but what makes it truly special is its ability to “turtle up” and create a frontal shield protecting it from most damage for as long as it keeps it active, allowing you to perhaps play more of a tanky role in a team.

Did i mention they are all equipped with thrusters? Well they are. allowing you to execute dodges at a moments notice, and hovering in mid air to get a better view of your surroundings. Although using your thrusters too much will result in your fuel being depleted. making you a sitting duck for your enemies, so conserving your fuel for when it matters is key to survival.

To me Hawken is starting to look like a great game, with lots of potential for the future. If they keep good content coming then i see this becoming a big one. Great multiplayer, great gameplay and all in all
fun to play. It’s also free to download and play on steam, so nothing’s stopping you from trying it out for yourself!

[ 85/100 ][ Dean ]

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