Hell Warders (Review)

Hell Warders is a third person tower defense game developed by Ares Games. The games concept is fairly simple; you are given a choice of 3 heroes and a relatively diverse array of “souls” which you can use to defend your “Nexus”. Souls are the equivalent of tower/units. Most are totally stationary with varied ranges while one or two will actually move around in combat, while the nexus is the base which must be defended.

Gameplay has a few issues. Melee lacks any real sense of impact, from the weak squish sounds of sword swings to the lack luster animations for attacks, melee just feels far weaker than it actually is.
Movement feels very drifty characters tend to move a few more steps even when directional input stops. Both of these issues tend to be greatly exacerbated by any form of lag in co-op. More than once my character would throw himself off of the edges of the map long after I had stopped using my movement keys (wasd).

The game has a unique concept and a definitive sense of style. Hell Warders also has a solid variety of enemy types from gruesome foot soldiers and giant fire breathing lizards to skull flinging elite mages. Combat is solid even if it feels lack luster due to animations and sound effects. Hits always connect as they should damage is balanced. Each class has a unique play-style and abilities.

A solid game that only needs a bit of polish to shine.

[ 70/100 ]

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