ILDRA reissues debut album through Heidens Hart Records, due in March

The genre-defining and best selling English pagan/folk black metal masterpiece will see a much deserved re-release. After releasing two highly praised demos via Heidens Hart Records previously, the Dutch label now re-releases the debut album “Eðelland” on CD / LP / MC / digital.

Release date for the CD is 20 March. On that day, the album will be available again on all formats (LP, CD, MC and digital) to finally give this album the full attention it deserves after the original release by an unknown label was not promoted.

“Eðelland” is an accomplished work of anthemic Anglo-Saxon pagan black metal for fans of Bathory, Forefather, Primordial, Graveland, Drudkh. The album received unanimous positive feedback and – truly unprecented for a bands’ debut album – paved the way for a new wave of British pagan black metal bands.

ILDRA – “Eðelland” is released by Heidens Hart Records, the Dutch label who recently also released pagan music by UK bands Forefather and Wolcensmen.

“Eðelland” track listing:
1. Sweorda Ecgum 01:58
2. Rice Æfter Oðrum 05:49
3. Hrefnesholt Dæl I 06:59
4. Esa Blæd 01:11
5. Ofer Hwælweg We Comon 06:48
6. Nu is se Dæg Cumen 08:20
7. Earendel 02:28
8. Swa Cwæð se Eardstapa 10:05
9. On Þas Hwilnan Tid 03:21

The complete album can be streamed here.


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