Jets’N’Guns Gold (Review)


Jets’N’Guns is a small game developed by Rake In Grass which is highly reminiscent of the shoot ’em up games that could be found in arcades in the early 90’s.

Jets’N’Guns is a highly humorous game that is littered with jokes that would make any 12-year-old giggle before moving on with their lives. The player starts off as a freelancer who is contracted to drive out some space pirates but that’s when the brown stuff hits the fan and the history of the player is dragged back to the grimy surface. The story for Jets is pretty solid and well told but it is nothing new.

The game is a series of missions where the player flies through space in their ship performing a range of different tasks with each mission rewarding the player some money to spend on upgrading their ship with better weapons, armor and even repainting it. The way the upgrade system works, where you can only upgrade between missions and it costs you in-game money is really well thought out, the upgrades are always fair prices. Low level upgrades are cheap where as the high-tec upgrades have astronomical prices.

The artwork in the game is really well done, it’s not that complex but it’s more than what MS Paint can do. The way the enemy ships explode when you bomb them, the way the enemy astronauts float around after their ships are destroyed, the colors, all of these and more give the game universe a really vibrant yet gritty feel to it.

The soundtrack for the game is really well put together and kudos go to the band Machinae Supremacy for putting together such a gripping and enjoyable soundtrack. Everything from the title music to the end game music is just great.

Overall, Jets’N’Guns Gold is very well done. Great design and execution with solid and entertaining gameplay with an amusing story. I recommend this game for anyone who wants to feel nostalgic about their arcade gaming days or who simply wants to play a fun game.

Rating: 85/100


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