KAJKYT: II (Review)

KAJKYT: II (Review)

Today I bring you a really fucking weird band, KAJKYT. It is not Metal, not even a little. So, that breaks the norm for us here on Absolute Hell. To quote their self description they are a “symbiosis of downtempo, dark ambient, and byzantine chants.” Ok, so, weird as shit, then. This band is just plain odd. It is dark and creepy and cheesy as all hell, lets dig in.

Firstly, they do not feature guitars. It is purely digital with the exception, of course, being the vocals. The synths are minimalistic more often than not. They range from ambient and atmospheric, to highly distorted and harsh, to really low bass. The bass synths are really, really deep and slow paced. They are decent, but are pretty repetitive, in fact this whole album seems to have that problem, intros go on too long and the songs do not vary all that much. They are long too, which makes this issue worse. The vocals are a mixed bag, they sound kind of weak half the time, like in the intro to the first song. On the flip side, though they can also sound really creepy and foreboding. The sound of this album is very dark and trippy. I could see this being used to trip to for decent effect. The drums are electronic and never fast. They are nothing special, but get the job done. The mixing seems a bit amateurish and it all seems like it was produced on a budget.

Overall this release is a mixed bag. It is highly unique, quite dark, and very trippy. On the other hand, it is cheesy and unpolished. But they question is. Do I like it and will you? The short answer is yes. I do like it and think people that like weird electronica will too. The long answer is that it is technically flawed, but is somehow unique enough and just has the right “vibe” to be an interesting listen. So, it makes its flaws a bit more forgivable. Check it out if you like weirdness and dark, trippy music. Seriously, this would be good to trip to. Not that I would condone that sort of thing, heh.

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