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Loadout is a team-based, third-person shooter developed by the studio Edge of Reality. Edge of Reality was founded in 1998 by Rob Cohen, lead programmer on the game Turok: Dinosaur Hunter and is known for developing most of it’s games for Nintendo 64, Playstation 3 and Xbox 360.

Loadout brings to the table a great amount of customization for both weapons and avatars, allowing you to create miniguns that shoot spiked balls of electricity, rifles that heal instead of damage and guns that shoot bouncy bullets. This level of customization helps Loadout to stand out against the ever-growing crowd of shooters but not in a nice way.

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The weaponcrafting system needs a lot of work: it’s layout is very messy and I didn’t even know what was going on in the weaponcrafting until I reached close to level 8 by which point all the cool things were weaker than the default guns I started off with.

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In matches, the violence and gore is incredibly cartoony and childish making me feel like I’m playing a game built by a dozen chimps with anger issues and incredibly well developed art skills. The avatars are so badly done, the bodies and the faces are basically Team Fortress 2 bodies with different skins and textures that were placed on by using Garry’s Mod. The default builds are basically TF2’s Heavy wearing different clothes.

In the end, Loadout felt like a game made with Garry’s Mod and GameMaker Studio. Not a great game, Edge of Reality, you can do better.

Score: 50/100

By Thomas “Bitter because he was beaten by Bots” Hinson

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