Lunarsapian – A Slow, Painful Life (Review)

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Lunarsapian is an ‘international band’, consisting of members from the UK and the USA. They’ve have explored and mixed various genres, including Black Metal, Doom Metal, Drone and Ambient. A Slow, Painful Life is their third full length album and is released by Blackened Death Records.

As mentioned, Lunarsapian has explored various genres and continues to do so on this album. We start with Stagnant Reality, a calm and eerie ambient-like intro, setting the atmosphere. What follows is a mixture of black metal and doom, accompanied by mostly raw black metal vocals.

In the middle of the album we are greeted by The Ever Winding Path, a beautiful classical piece consisting of piano and various audio-clips including some spoken word. Quite the contrast to what came before it and what unsurprisingly follows after.

Lunarsapian’s style of black metal is slightly repetitive; riffs are repeated fairly often. I suppose this is the drone influence showing itself. Though the riffs are excellent, the repetition may make some people turn away. I don’t mind it much personally, but I can’t deny that a bit more musical variation would have resulted in a higher rating from me.

[ 72 / 100 ]

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