Lunarsapian – Fade Into Oblivion (Review)

Lunarsapian - Fade Into Oblivion

Lunarsapian has been active since 1996 – or at least, that is when they first released a demo. Not much is known about this band, though they’ve obviously been around for quite some time. They have mostly released EP’s, even one earlier this year, called The Gilded Fucking Whore EP. Let’s see what this new release has in store for us.

Fade Into Oblivion contains five tracks, with a total playtime of nearly an hour. In this time Lunarsapian gives us a slow-paced mixture of doom and drone, with an influence of black metal. As the tracks crawl by like a dying man seeking his end, the atmosphere is depressing and lonely. The vocals are raw screams, often found in black metal. Though they suit the music well, I personally prefer the parts without vocals – it is these parts where I experience the sense of abandonment the strongest.

This album feels cold and dark in all the right ways. The genre is without a doubt not for all of our readers, but those that like doom, drone and/or black metal need to give this a listen.


– D.

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