Master X Master (Review)

MxM, also known as Master X Master, is a MOBA style game licensed by NCsoft.

MxM features multiple game modes, a diverse set of heroes (called Masters) and a balanced cash shop. Everything about this game is top shelf. The player gets two starting Masters during the tutorial, after which they can choose to unlock or purchase more Masters. Game modes consist of several PvE and PvP modes.

PvE has story mode which consist of short randomized missions with a boss at the end of the level. Most enemy units are dull, mostly melee units with a few ranged units or turrets thrown in. Enemy AI is functional yet simplistic, units do not attempt to dodge or avoid attacks and instead simply attempt to rush the player, and in large numbers they actually do manage to pose a challenge. Enemy bosses have a good variety; I have seen everything from large tanky behemoths to nimble AoE bosses. It seems bosses are where the variety in PvE comes from.

PvE also consist of special timed events such as “Timespace Distortions” which are directly related to unlocking certain Masters. This mode offers unique challenges as well as high level rewards. I found these modes to be more reminiscent of what one would expect from heroic dungeons in many other games. Timespace Distortions are very difficult and require communication between team mates as well as a solid understanding of the zone you are in. Enemies in this mode are decidedly stronger than in the other PvE modes.

What MxM is currently known best for is its PvP mode: Titan Mode. This mode is where Master x Master gets its MOBA traits from. Titan Mode is like the standard MOBA fodder but with a twist. After acquiring certain map objectives a member of the team can summon huge titans which will fight and push the lanes with them or turn into a massive titian themselves. Titans take a concerted effort from the opposing team to take down. Summoning or transforming into a Titan can be a real game changer if done at the right moment.

Titan Mode has multiple objectives within it from killing titan bosses and mini bosses, which add a huge number of points or unlock special perks on the map. Players can even get a quick buff from finding and killing a rare fish on the map. Personally I have never been a huge fan of MOBA games but I quickly found myself addicted to Titan Mode.

As a free to play game MxM has one of the more balanced cash shops I have seen in quite some time. All Masters can be unlocked within the base game with varying levels of difficulty. Cosmetics have minor bonuses such as extra gold at the end of missions but even these cosmetic outfits can be acquired within the game without the expenditure of real world money. Players are able to earn cash shop credits as well via daily, weekly and monthly quest which are allotted to the player on set cooldowns. This means that even a player whom is having difficulty unlocking a certain Master or cosmetic can eventually earn enough cash credits to simply buy the item they want.

The only flaw I found with the cash shop is the pricing, single Masters range between 10 and 20 USD. While packs of multiple Masters range up to 50 USD. That said, players can still earn cash shop currency at a pretty solid rate. I could not find any traces of ‘pay to win” or “pay for power” within the cash shop.

In the end I found Master x Master to be a very high quality game with almost no issues, which I enjoyed immensely.

Totally worth checking out.

[ 93/100 ]

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