Mouldered – Chronology Of A Rotten Mind (Full Album)

Mouldered – death metal band from north coast of Colombia created in late June 2013 by Hermes Martínez lead guitarist and former drummer Cristian Martínez, influenced by bands such as Cannibal Corpse, Deicide, Vader, Morbid Angel, Cryptopsy, Death, among others more of the sort. Later Hammer Quintero joins as a rhythmic guitarist. While the band grew instrumentally and improving its sound, enters as lead vocal Mauricio De La Rosa who comes to contribute extreme lyrical based on existential plans, some violence marked by the human being and a voice with brutal character.
Mouldered has had a number of important presentations at various events and festivals on the coast and the interior of the country, sharing stage with great bands of the national scene. As time went on, the band’s performances felt the need for a bass player. Hermes Martínez calls to Jhonatan Ariza former bass player of the band Mesentherio nowadays Incinerating Prophecies (Brutal Death), to join to Mouldered to complete the alignment, at the moment the band has a one demo, now Mouldered is currently in production of their album “Chronology of a Rotten Mind”.

00:05 I’m Legion
02:53 Death
03:55 Mind Control
07:21 Succubus
10:22 Prision
13:12 Zombiefication
15:16 Genocide
18:07 Chronology Of A Rotten Mind


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