Mussorgski – details and premiere of the new album Creatio Cosmicam Bestiae

MUSSORGSKI - details and premiere of the new album Creatio Cosmicam Bestiae

On May 31, Godz Ov War Productions will release the third album by the Mussorgski project, entitled Creatio Cosmicam Bestiae. The record contains eight premiere tracks which disturbingly mix alienated industrial, dark metal and cold ambient.

Both musically and lyrically wise, the new material is much different from previous accomplishments of Khorzon, primarily known from the black metal Arkona. The compositions are more complex and spacious, there are more orchestrated parts that provide the tracks with a solemn yet apocalyptic atmosphere. Khorzon takes us on a nearly one hour long journey to his own, inhuman world, where he tries to tame the omnipresent Chaos, to find the magic Katharsis, and to explore the nature of the Universe.

The album was recorded at the Church of Chaos Studio. The cover was designed by Mentalporn, and the layout was developed by Marckus.

1. Gaaya – The Planet Of The Dead
2. God Is In The Neurons
3. Stellar Core
4. Sabbathum In Perpetuum
5. Key To The Universe
6. Inverted Aeon
7. Implanted Consciousness
8. Paradisum

Before the album is out, you can listen to a new track God Is In The Neurons right here;

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