Nailed To Obscurity – Opaque (Review)

Nailed To Obscurity - Opaque

Nailed To Obscurity was formed in Germany in 2005. Opaque is their second full length after Abyss in 2007. Opaque supplies us with over 50 minutes of Doom/Death Metal. I must admit I was worried when I was about to play the album. The title of the first track, iNnerME, concerned me. I personally hate cliche titles like this and they are often used by terrible (mainstream) bands. I’m very glad to say that Nailed To Obscurity is not one of those bands. The album consists of an excellent blend of Doom & Death, combined with good growling vocals and with some beautiful lead guitar parts. I think it would have been better if the vocals were slightly louder in the mix, but it’s an excellent album nonetheless.

[ 84 / 100 ]


– D.



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