Neo Scavenger (Review)

Neo Scavenger is a turn based, survival, post-apocalyptic, RPG produced by Blue Bottle Games

The player selects a few skills before awakening in a cryo-pod under mysterious circumstances which they must uncover via various events and quests. The game itself is rather unintuitive and dull to be frank. Placing things on the paper doll character tends to require tedious drag and dropping as the locations of the slots do not match the locations on the doll. Graphics are sub-par; at best, being more reminiscent of a web based game from the early 90s than anything else.

The crafting system is poorly explained; it’s vague and pretty much requires the player to have the sorely outdated wiki open at all times. One of the first objectives was to repair the lighting and vents at the cryo-vault the player awakens in, the actual process for this is so very poorly explained that I was forced to dig through old forum post to find out what exactly I needed to do.

AI for other units on the map are actually pretty good other units will run around doing similar actions to how a player would act, hunting, fighting, scavenging and the like. This does well to prevent players from creating a personal hoard somewhere convenient on the map.
Conversely combat AI is pretty horrid, most units are dumb as a box of bricks. Units with ranged weapons will mindlessly charge at you, while creatures such as the “dangerous” Enfield Horror will fleet at the very sight of a man with nothing but a bow and a couple of arrows at his disposal.

Even with all of its glaring flaws there is a certain..charm to this kind of pure RNG game. Early on I watched a few dogs gang up on a Detroit city guard and kill him, I was able to slip in using stealth and loot his body affording me some of the best gear in the game, and a good bit of dogmeat as well. I was pretty much coasting through the game after that encounter, with my only real concerns being clean water and disease.

While it’s not a terrible game, it is still far from a good game.
Bonus points for making Detroit Motor City the last bastion of civilization.

[ 40/100 ]

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