Neotokyo (Review)

Neotokyo is a free to play game of the first person shooter genre. It is still in development and so has little to offer but what they did they did pretty well.

Biggest problem: There is no tutorial. There is no easy way to find out the intricacies of the game in a safe environment. You can check out the controls but that doesn’t help much as that doesn’t tell you much about how to play, only what buttons to press. There is a pop up that tells you about various things when you start but it disappears if you move. The guns have a small amount of hard to read text in their background of that choice menu but are fairly easy to see whatgun is what if you have played other shooters before.

There are a few maps to play in. All the ones I saw involved futuristic cities. Pretty well done graphically and aesthetically. They opted for a more realistic futuristic setting meaning you die pretty fast and having people surprise you is bad.

There is currently one game mode which is a slight variation of capture the flag. You choose which team to join andthen choose from 3 classes with 3 player models each. You then choose your guns from a large selection of which all but 3are unavailable until you play for a bit longer. You also get a pistol, and 1 or 2 class specific weapons.

The recon and assault classes have a camo ability that makes you semi invisible with recon getting more duration. It runs off a bar and lasts about 10 secondsor until you cancel and recharges slowly. It is an interesting ability made more interesting but the fact that blood doesn’t getmade invisible so if you have taken hits it isn’t as effective.

I could not find any pay elements, not even a donate button which makes me wonder about what the developers get out of the game.

In conclusion its a decent game as far as free games go. It could benefit lots from a tutorial, even if its just a wall of writing that under a new tab.

[ 55/100 ]

– OrangeIncarnate

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