No70: Eye of Basir (Review)

No70: Eye of Basir is a horror puzzle game developed by Oldmoustache Gameworks.

No. 70 Eye of Basir has a very nice Urban Noir-esque setting. The player spends most of their time in old dilapidated settings with an obligatory graveyard thrown in. The game has a moderately creepy atmosphere with strange whispers or knocking sounds every so often. I never did find myself with any particular sense of dread or fear, more of a sense of “hurry up and get it over with”. Additionally I did not find myself shocked at all when the jump scares came.
This lack of fear is compounded by the lack of any real danger. After playing two thirds of the game it seems that the player is unkillable, leaving the player with some low end jump scares and almost no real sense of danger.

There isn’t a lot going on with this game. The player spends most of their time going from area to area fetching items to be used in the previous area with a few cheap jump scares thrown in for good measure.
The “puzzles” consist of starting at point A, moving to point B and collecting an item, then going back to point A to use said item. At later levels this is expanded upon by adding a bit more back tracking. Even then the “puzzles” seem to be more along the lines of a game of fetch than what could actually be considered puzzles.

Additionally the game is plagued with graphical issues; frame rates will suddenly drop for no reason. There are issues with the game stuttering when going from one area to another as well. Even the lighting tends to be somewhat headache inducing at times.

No.70 Eye of the Basir is a mediocre jump scare game with graphical issues and a forgettable story.

[ 40/100 ]

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