Paramnesia – Paramnesia (Review)


Paramnesia is an atmospheric black metal band from France. Though founded in 2005, this is their first full length, consisting of two tracks, IV and V, approximately 20 minutes each.

In my experience, a lot of bands in the atmospheric black metal genre tend to lean towards being rather boring. Long calm -usually instrumental- parts tend to be too drawn out, losing the attention of the listener. Thankfully, Paramnesia does not fall into that category. The majority of the 40 minute album is fast and aggressive. Distorted guitars fill the air, driven by blast-beats and accompanied by raw, wailing screams.

Though the riffs sounded relatively generic to me, what kept me most interested was the varied drumming. No standard same blasting for 5-10 minutes here.
Though I approve of them, what may turn most listeners off are the wailing vocals. For me they add to the atmosphere, but I know some people absolutely can’t stand them.

Overall a good debut full length, though not for everyone. But strongly recommended for fans of bands like Agalloch and Fen.

[ 81 / 100 ]


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