Pixel Shinobi: Nine Demons of Mamoru (Review)

Pixel Shinobi: Nine demons of Mamoru, is a platform stealth game produced by Ametist studio.
While the concept of the game is good, there are far too many flaws with Pixel Shinobi’s implementation to appreciate any appeal it might have.

The game has a nice look, a very solid nostalgic appearance similar to many classic games, with a fair amount of detail even for a pixel game. Pixel Shinobi even has a basic crafting and leveling system allowing for a more unique playthrough. Sadly the game falls short on its controls and combat.

There is a distinct input lag between button press and action. This makes combat tedious and platforming downright hellish. Platforming is also made even more painful due to the heavy momentum applied to movement. The player is constantly fighting the characters sliding nature when platforming.

I became particularly vexed with this game when in one of the early missions I was tasked with finding keys and rescuing several hostages. I found that not only did my ninja slide like he was ice skating, but that some of the platforms were not as wide as they appeared to be.

Melee combat is bad at best; input lag makes timing a hit against a blocking enemy more a matter of button mashing than finesse. There is also something going on with the enemy hit boxes as a couple of times enemies that I should have hit did not take damage.

Stealth takedowns are even somewhat unwieldy in this game. The player must be nearly inside of the enemy in order to perform a stealth attack. Getting within the same space as an enemy to use the stealth attack almost inevitably alerts the enemy to your presence making the stealth takedown fail.

Ranged weapons also seem to be totally useless, as none of mine ever seemed to hit their mark, even with leveling up the ranged skilltree. The only ranged weapon I could get to land were the bombs, which even though they technically missed still managed to do some minor splash damage.

I found this game to be a broken mess of poorly implemented ideas hidden behind blood spray and nostalgia goggles.

I’d rather commit seppuku than play this game. Try Mark of the Ninja instead.

[ 10/100 ]

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