Pressure Overdrive (Preview)

Pressure Overdrive is a top-down twin-stick shooter developed by Chasing Carrots. The game is currently in closed beta so no score will be given at the end of this review. Consider this a preview, not a full review.

The concept is simple enough you are expected to run through relatively short linear missions and shoot as many baddies to bits as you possibly can. I would have liked to see a few branching paths sadly it seems most of the missions are very linear. The missions are relativity short. This allows the game to be picked up and put down quickly as the shorter missions mesh well with co-op options.

I did find issues with other aspects of gameplay as well. Difficulty tends to spike instead of curve, the game tends to add large numbers of new enemies every few levels instead of mixing in smaller numbers at earlier levels and adding to that. This makes adapting to new types of units annoying as the player is not given the chance to observe how new enemies work before facing swarms of them. That said at least the enemy units do become more diverse in later levels.

The game also saves your gear choices/loadout before each mission and seems to force you to use that loadout on any replay of the mission. This makes going back to an earlier level to test out a new gear set impossible. Additionally it seems that you can not go back to earlier levels to grind out coins at all, unlike most games in this genre. It does make pacing feel forced, but overall it is not excessively painful.

Co-op faces its own issues. Local co-op had a few bugs with it such as a developer console popping up, and issues with the game saving while in local co-op. This could prove to be an issue if not resolved.

Overall I would say that Pressure Overdrive is a fun yet flawed game. I look forward to the Development team squashing the bugs and hopefully giving the game a balance pass. If so I can definitely see my friends and I having a few beers and playing this game.

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