Rain – Mexican Way (Review)

Rain - Mexican Way

Rain is a band from Italy, formed in 1980. They released their first demo in 1984 and Mexican Way is their 8th full album since then. One thing is for sure; these are musicians with quite a few years of experience.

This band is probably the best example to show that experience does not always translate to quality. The promo sheet mentions that this album has “a strong mexican vibe”. Apparently to make Mexican style music, all you need is some Spanish lyrics and acoustic guitars. Add a bit of harmonica and other instruments in there (all of these are not mentioned in the line-up so I’m guessing they’re samples) and you’re done. Well, no. Though I can’t deny that tracktitles like “Love in the back” and “Bangbus” amused me, nothing can distract me enough from the fact that this is just a very generic, boring rock album. You can try to add a Mexican flavour to your sound, but it does not make the uninspired guitars, basic drumming and weak vocals with cliche lyrics any more interesting.

Fans of Nickelback; go wild. This should suit your needs just fine. For the rest of us; I’m glad to say that just like actual rain, this will eventually stop.


– D.

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