Rise of Incarnates (Review)

Rise of Incarnates

Rise of Incarnates is a “free to play” 2v2 fighting game produced by Bandai Namco. Currently in early access the game sports 9 characters and 3 arenas.

While I usually try to avoid going into pay mechanics of these kinds of games, I will say that almost everything in RoI cost real money. Once your “free trial” has expired you will be left with the option to pick only one playable character to use and whatever weekly character is in rotation, that is unless you are willing to shell out $ for more characters. There is also a leveling and crafting system involved in the game which also has cash options attached to it.

Rise of Incarnates

The combat is just fun, players are encouraged to adapt quickly and use the environment to their advantage. I found myself grinning a bit as I launched one foe into the air to witness my partner blast them from the sky with a beam cannon.
Gameplay itself is solid. For an online fighter controls are highly responsive with very little lag. Most of the combos can be chained or canceled allowing for some interesting combat situations. I found the combat intuitive and attractive. The basics of combat are simplistic enough to allow ease of access while the overall chain system allows for more advanced players to create unique combos.

Rise of Incarnates

At the time of writing this I’ve spent a little over 3 days playing this game and have been unable to find single online match with other people. I’ve personally seen wait times for matches that were over an hour and hear the community speak of worse wait times than that.

A solid 2v2 pvp fighter that falls flat with painful pay models and a matchmaking ghost town.

[ 30 / 100 ]

– Zephlos

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