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Rising World

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Rising World is a new voxel-based crafting and building game with survival elements from first time dev JIW-Games and Published for KISS Ltd who as mentioned in a previous review are known for iO, Project Nimbus and many others. The game features both singleplayer and multiplayer with only base survival elements for now (Food and thirst sated by meat from animals and fruit from trees) but the building is already fantastic. There are currently no ‘mobs’ or dangers other than starvation or the occasional glitch (Which I’ve heard of but yet to encounter) but plans are in place to introduce the first set of dangerous creatures soon. The menu is pretty and boasts a lovely backdrop with base objects aiming as a sort-of, wilderness- woodland effect and it works.

Rising World

The graphics of rising world make it a nice looking game, with a decent amount of realism and immersion, effects are pretty and the UI, whilst very basic works well. There is already a mass of content in terms of what you can build and only base materials are available at the time of writing so expect currently to build marble from standard stone and all manner of items from next to nothing till more materials are added. I, as always opt for realism so I first build a tent, a campfire and a crafting bench which I use to create a scythe to clear the grass from the area. I see random animals wandering and cut them down, taking their meat and chopping down trees for wood and fruit. Unfortunately cooking doesnt seem to be implemented yet so I go with my Viking instincts and eat it raw. Yummy.

Rising World

I build by camp near the base of a mountain and use the base where it joins the flatter grassland to create a mine and begin mining for stone. I mine in a spiral, carving out the middle and creating a small quarry of sorts where you spiral around the edge walkway to a more open, flatter bottom where I have began branching out, my mine glows with the orange of the torches and it feels really ‘nice’ just carrying out my business. Using the stone I craft a house, with fantastic looking sandstone (Sort of in-keeping with the color of the rock I mines) with glorious windows and frames, a sturdy wooden door, a table and chair, a staircase up to the roof, where my bed and chest are, a door leading to my slowly shaping-up 2-story basement and some beautiful lanterns for light.

Rising World

Preparing for then mobs make their way into the game, I have begun growing a row of thick tall tress to hide my most open approach from my fire and home. I collect meat when I need to and mine when I feel like extending the basement further. I will be building upwards too, given time. Unfortunately there is currently only a few hours of content for a survivalist such as me, as a building game it already has the tools to make some interesting and impressive structures and I guarantee I will be playing more and more when more materials and mobs are added. It scratches the itch of those looking for a more-simple survival survival experience, with minecraft-like building but a pleasing, realistic aesthetic.

Rising World

I have gone as far as now joining my mine to my basement and putting in heavy wooden doors to keep out the riff raff once they appear. I have had a great time but feel for me that its currently lacking much of what I’m waiting for. For what it is I give it 70/100. It will certainly rise to gem status if the devs continue and keep it up but I have been waiting for mobs and more survival elements which were promised some time ago but for fans of building/ mining and soon surviving. Keep an eye on this one… You hardcore builders out there can buy it now and find plenty of time perfecting their architectural achievements.

I will update this as time passes and more features are added.

[ 70 / 100 ]

– Hardcore2dacore

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