Salute The Exiled – Abomination (Review)

Hailing from The Netherlands, Salute The Exiled introduced themselves to the world last year, with their single Devolution Of Humanity in June and their EP Continuous Regurgitation in September. Abomination is their first physical release, which is also available in combination with a shirt. So, is this something you should add to your collection? Let’s find out.

After a slow build-up we are slammed into a wall, scraped off it and violently slammed through it. They may have added the ‘metalcore’ tag to their bandcamp page, but that doesn’t suit them at all. This is one hell of a Deathcore EP. Relentless drums, a great variation of riffs, brutal breakdowns and aggressive heavy vocals taking it all a level above the massive amount of Deathcore bands out there.

The only disappointing part of the EP were the ‘group shouts’ in the last track, The. Heretic. Children. Not because they sound specifically bad or anything, but because it’s such a cliche thing for Deathcore bands to do. And since all the other tracks impressed me quite a lot, I found the last track to be a moderately disappointing end to an excellent EP.

So yes, fans of Deathcore and fans of Death Metal that don´t mind breakdowns; you need to check this band out. I highly doubt you’ll be disappointed.

[ 89/100 ]

– D.

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