$lutrot – $lutrot (Review)

$lutrot - $lutrot

Now here’s a sound I like! Pseudo grind mixed with brutal death metal! Ov course, finding any godsdamn literature on these guys besides their bandcamp was kind ov a bitch, simply because I was using a godsdamn dollar sign instead ov an S when performing my due diligence. So! They’re from Texas and Nevada, so that’s cool. Always like the NV death scene. But sadly, from their facebook page it looks like they broke up. Oh well, at least they released a good kick in the teeth for anyone who likes death / grind.

Track one wastes no time in getting heavy, with guttural, cookie-monsteresque vox and lots ov squealing guitars. Most ov the rest ov the album sounds like a reiteration ov the same riff, however, so it gets hard to actually keep up with, since everything sounds the same. Another thing they make use ov is soundclips from horror movies and whatnot as intros to most ov the songs. Fairly typical grind fashion, and I suppose it works if you’re immersed in the subject material. But I think the point would be lost on a lot ov people. Get to the damn point!

All in all, the only songs that really stood out were Rotting $luts [feat. Anthony Davis apparently,] and $hotgun Blast Amputation. That’s only because they break the mold ov that same regurgitated riff that they use throughout the entirety. A decent first attempt, but godsdamn, don’t marry yourself to one riff for almost the entire breadth ov your debut.

– SS

Noteable tracks: Rotting $luts, $hotgun Blast Amputation

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