Somber Catalyst – Somber Catalyst (Review)

Somber Catalyst - Somber Catalyst

Somber Catalyst is one of those projects that is hard to describe to someone. It’s like a mixture of ambient, electronic, classical, industrial and just overall experimental sounds. Get it? No? That’s fine. It’s better to simply listen than to try and tie a genre to it.

This self-titled album lasts well over an hour and consists mostly of a calming atmosphere. I say atmosphere, because this is the type of music that tends to go beyond the term music. It’s not something you simply listen to, it’s something you experience. One part I did not like was the sixth track, Liberty’s Toll. It has some sound effects that really got on my nerves for some reason. Other than that, this album was an enjoyable, calming experience.

[ 76 / 100 ]


– D.



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