Spaceship Looter (Review)

Spaceship Looter is a rogue-like shooter developed by Luxorix Games. There’s really not much to say when it comes to the game. You get what’s on the tin, randomly generated levels with randomized loot.

Players start with 6 hit points which can be upgraded with some of the random drops found in the ships. Though there seems to be zero invulnerability phases between hits meaning if you catch 6 bullets at the same time, its instant death. Players also get a “dash” ability to help them dodge incoming fire; sadly I found this ability to be virtually useless in practice. One of the biggest issues I had with actual gameplay was that most of the rooms are very small, which gives you very little space to dodge or evade.

There seems to be a solid diversity of guns, though several types tend to have overlapping effects. Examples include the stop and freeze effects which are virtually the same. Enemy AI is fairly solid; at higher levels enemies have extra abilities, such as the ability to deploy walls to give themselves cover.

Aside from gameplay the game also has quite a few bugs. I received continuous crashes when attempting to exit the game forcing me to use the task manager (ctrl+alt+del) to actually close the game out. I had a couple of crashes when attempting to change the audio settings. I even had one crash while actually playing a level.

Sadly this game has far too many bugs to recommend at this time.

[ 30/100 ]

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