Spellforce 3 Multiplayer Beta (Review)

Spellforce 3 is a RTS game developed by Grimlore Games and THQ Nordic. The game is currently in its multiplayer beta phase.

In its current form I must say Spellforce 3 is very bare bones. Of the three main factions (orcs, humans and elves) in its current iteration all the heroes seem to look identical. Hero classes all share the same skins and skills, skills are also very limited. Hero classes include Tank, Healer, Archer, Mage, Melee DPS and a Debuff hero; this offers a solid variety of heroes to use, each lending itself to diverse playstyles. Heroes seem to have about 4 skills total at their disposal, which is enough for a “hero based RTS” but still feels pretty limited considering the seeming focus on RPG elements.

There are 4 main types of units; melee, ranged, pike men and cavalry. At the final tech tier there are also a few magical units and siege weapons such as ballistae and catapults. The final tier of units seem to be more unique based on which faction you are playing as, which is odd considering how generic the heroes look currently.
I found the magical units particularly diverse; druids have a DOT which can drain enemy heroes fairly quickly while ice mages can prevent heroes from fleeing an engagement. Even the orcish firemage has an AOE effect which can cause havoc for clusters of units.

Where Spellforce 3 really shines is in its map system and worker units. The available maps (currently only 3 maps total) are very rich and detailed; each map is broken down into zones with varied resources in each section of the map. Each map zone can support an “outpost” which in turn functions as a miniature secondary base. This does a good job of preventing the classic RTS issue of base sprawl, or exacerbates it depending on your perspective. Regardless, this is a relativity unique take on how an RTS map can be set up and one I personally found fun and challenging.

Worker units also function in a unique way. You do not actively build workers, instead each building has a set number of workers which can be allocated to it. Additionally each tier of castle upgrade increases the number of workers that can be allocated. This effectively makes workers double as a form of energy resource that must be properly managed. Gone are the days of simply queuing up twenty peons to handle all your needs.

Spellforce 3 is indeed a unique take on the RTS genre; if the final product is even close to being as solid as its current MP beta I expect this game to be quite good.

[ 80 / 100 ]

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