Stardrift Nomads (Review)

Stardrift Nomads is a twin-stick shooter and tower defense game developed by Risen Games.

The future belongs to dogs? Stardrift Nomads takes place in a distant future where dogs run space colonies. I couldn’t manage to find any trace of a story in the games story mode, which is fine for a simple time kill shooter like this. The player has access to 3 starting classes of ship Mechanic, Ace and Scavenger. Each ship is unique enough for varied playstyles. Each ship can build towers and has a unique set of abilities from AOE heals like the mechanic to the boosted damage of the Ace. Each tower cost (in game) credits to build and credits can be acquired by defeating enemies. I found myself enjoying the AOE heal over time that the mechanic offers as it saved me a good bit of credits, which I would have had to devote to repairing towers.

While I found zero bugs in the game I did note that the game does have some flaws. There is an issue with difficulty spiking in story mode, while I had been pretty much coasting through the game up to the point of the first boss, I was unable to do almost any damage to it. This leads into the second issue with Stardrift Nomads.

The game is incredibly grindy from pilot perks set behind high level walls, to ships having their own leveling system, to random “loot boxes” with ship skins in them. Stardrift Nomads feels like it was originally set up to be a micro transaction based mobile game. The amount of time required to max out even one ship is going to be well over 10 hours. For a game with such a simple concept and so little to do, this just seems a tad bit excessive.

Co-Op mode requires that you be friends with whoever you team up with. There is zero matchmaking, meaning players are pressured into recommending the game to friends or adding random friends to steam. The flaws are still on the minor side of things, but they should be noted.
Stardrift Nomads is an “ok” little tower defense game with some nice shooter aspects to it, but nothing I would write home about.

Space Doge needs your help.

[ 47/100 ]

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