Stick War (Review)

Stick War

Did you ever create those stickmen wars in high school? While the teacher tried to explain homeostasis or calculus you sat there busy drawing away in your notebook and everyone else yawned with boredom? Well Stick War is that game but not on your laptop so while your college lecturer talks about psychodynamic analysis, you can conquer enemies with little stick swords and bows.

In Stick War, you control a range of units with everything from cheap clubmen to deadly spearmen and even terrifying giants. Each unit has it’s own strengths and weaknesses that you can use to beat your enemy like the wizards melee stun that prevents melee units from attacking him for a small duration. Each unit also has a weakness like the swordsmen’s lack of armour, the archer being unable to pierce shields and the giants weakness to headshots from arrows.

You embark on a campaign as a small nation called Order and the overall objective of the game is to unite the territories under your own banner. The campaign has different missions from conquering the enemy force, to surviving an ambush from the natives and even holding off the enemy for a period of time while you wait for your own reinforcements.

The battles feature your camp on the left-hand side of the field and the enemy have their camp on the right-hand side of the screen. The occasional gold mine is littered across the battlefield so you can fund your army. While you have a win condition, there is also a lose condition. You must protect your statue from the enemy otherwise you will lose and be forced to start over. After each victory, you are granted some upgrade points that you can use to empower your soldiers and make them tougher.

Overall, Stick War is a well designed, well developed game. It poses interesting challenges to the player and is definitely worth trying. The link to the game is below this review.

Stick War is a flash game that’s free to play right here.

Rating: 75/100


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