Swarm Universe (Review)

Swarm Universe, produced by Dedication Games, is a top down physics game that claims to be a shooter.

The “story” is relatively amusing if you don’t mind a little(a lot of) fourth wall breaking. The little Bot-7 character is well written and fun. The game makes a point not to take itself seriously and it works.

Gameplay is pretty standard for a physics game. The player controls an core with a swarm of smaller drones circling it in a kind of lose magnetic way, you can sling them in the direction of baddies and hit them that way or with a button push “reverse polarities” and send all the little dots flying away from the core. The downside is that once you’ve sent all your drones out you must retrieve them in order to have any offensive capabilities. This makes “combat” somewhat tedious and frustrating. You may find yourself like me, spending more time playing fetch the drones or trying to rock back and forth to get a hit in than actually fighting.

If you are looking for a good physics game this might just scratch your itch. If you are looking for a top down shooter, I wouldn’t recommend this game.

[ 65/100 ]

Check out Swarm Universe on Steam here.

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