The Bug Butcher (Review)

The Bug Butcher is an indie, action, shoot em up by Awfully Nice Studios. You play as Harry, who works as an exterminator that has been hired to clean a facility that’s overrun by bugs.

The Bug Butcher

The game has two different game modes; panic and arcade. In panic you can play alone or with a friend. It’s a survival in which you collect clocks and coins from the enemies you kill. Clocks give you extra time and you can use the coins to upgrade your equipment. Arcade on the other hand is a five ‘’field’’ long campaign (if that’s what you want to call it). You have three minutes to kill all the enemies (that come in waves) and once you are done the game rates your performance based on the score you got, so keeping the combos going is pretty important to get the maximum amount of points.

The Bug Butcher

The game has an upgrade system of sort in the Arcade mode; you can upgrade your weapons, choose difficulty and buy perks or just look at the wonderful stars you have unlocked in your adventure so far. The voice acting in the game is bunch of ‘’bla bla’s’’ but it fits the game perfectly and adds a nice element.

The Bug Butcher

The game was a lot of fun in my opinion and I will definitely see myself playing it more. It has many positive things going for it. For example it’s one of those games that runs on pretty much any computer and the price isn’t that high if you consider the amount of entertainment it has provided me. Sure there aren’t only good things about the game, for example the game has too little content and it doesn’t really suit me in the fact that I’m one of those people that think its three stars or nothing. So some levels have me playing for a lot of time which becomes more frustrating the more I try. But in the end the game is a great time passer, but if you want a game you’d like to play for a long time this might not be for you due to it’s lack of replay value.

[ 81 / 100 ]

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